Chadwick Whitehead draws, animates, makes prints and plays songs. He was born in 1977 (in Greece, but he’s not Greek) and grew up mostly in Michigan. He studied picture-making in Chicago, Tokyo and New York. He received a BA from Columbia College Chicago (cinematography and animation) in 2000. In 2006, he received an MFA in Illustration as a Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He is currently living in Brooklyn and making short films, images and sounds.


Email: chadwick at cwhitehead.com
Phone: seven one eight two zero eight seven eight seven three


Fallt. 2013. Short film. Director, writer and animator.
Knock Knock. 2013. Short film. Director, writer, composer and animator.
Santasaur. 2011. Short film. Director, writer, composer and animator.
Revenge of the Giant Toothpaste Tube. 2010. Short film. Director, writer and animator.
Musicating with Tiger Zeus. 2008. Web series. Creator and director.
Second Opinion. 2007. Web series. Creator and director.
14th Dimension ER. 2007. Web series. Creator, director and animator.


“De-feeted Romance” in Rabid Rabbit #14. April 2012
Written and drawn by Chadwick Whitehead. Co-written by Eric Watkins.

“Rabid Rabbits In: The Mission Statement” in Rabid Rabbit #13: Square One. April 2011
Written by C.M. Butzer. Layout by Paul Hoppe. Drawn by Chadwick Whitehead.

“Helltar” in Rabid Rabbit #12: Rabid Rabbit Goes to Hell. October 2010
by Chadwick Whitehead

“Bottomless” in Hotwire Comics #3. Fantagraphics Books. February 2010
Written by Eric Watkins. Drawn by Chadwick Whitehead.

“The Myth of Ice Cream and Race Cars” in Rabid Rabbit #11. February 2010
by Chadwick Whitehead
This story was selected for “Best American Comics: the Notable Comics of 2011″

“The Cat King – Part Two” in Rabid Rabbit #10: Kitty Kitty. June 2009
Authors: Chadwick Whitehead

“The Horror of the Giant Toothpaste Tube’s Revenge” in Rabid Rabbit 9: The Horror of Rabid Rabbit. October 2008
Authors: Chadwick Whitehead

“The Watermelon Monster” in Gutter. Edited by Victor Kerlow. May 2008
by Chadwick Whitehead (based on a Sufi fable)

‘Suit Strips’ in Hotwire #2. Edited by Glenn Head. Fantagraphics Books. February 2008
By Chadwick Whitehead


5 for 5: Like the Spice Gallery. Brooklyn. August 2011
Printed Matter 8: Giant Robot Gallery. New York. July 2010
Printed Matter 6: GR2. Los Angeles. July 2009
Itʼs a Small World: Like The Spice Gallery. Brooklyn. December 2008
Hotwire: Scott Eder Gallery. Brooklyn. June 2008
Bridge Art Fair: Manhattan. March 2008
Wagmag Benefit: Front Room Gallery. Brooklyn. February 2008
Deer Art!: Like The Spice Gallery. Brooklyn. December 2007
Fountain Art Fair: Miami. December 2007
Organized Religion: Like The Spice Gallery. Brooklyn. May 2007
Instant Gratification: Like The Spice Gallery. Brooklyn. January 2007
Congregation: Fallout Here. Manhattan. November 2006
Being There: Visual Arts Gallery. Manhattan. November 2006