A farmer struggles to keep his farm when Mr. Fall’s fault finding goes too far and a judge must question his judgment.


By: Chadwick Whitehead
Narrator: Jeffrey Harden
Farmer: Joseph Bennett
Mr. Fall & Judge: David Toomey
Sound Design: Mike Jansson
Audio Engineer: Dan Jaquint
Drums: Jeff Gensterblum


Fallt was inspired by Sufi fables and frivolous law suits. The story was originally longer and more complicated, with four additional characters. Around March, 2013 I began working on the character designs and a board-o-matic. As an experiment I tried to reduce the story and characters as much as possible. I ended up preferring the shorter version because it was snappy and concise, like many of the Sufi fables.

Scene 08
For pacing, I edited everything to a drum beat (this was before Birdman came out). The drums determined all the shot lengths and action timings. I animated with Toon Boom Animate. Previously I had used Flash and always struggled to get the lines I wanted. With Toon Boom, the drawing experience was excellent and the pencil test to inking process went very smoothly.
I used a bit of 3D to help pre-visualize the shot of the rock rolling down the hill. This allowed me to block out the scene, try different camera moves and get the timings right before I started drawing.
Rock Roll
Court Interior
I also made a very simple 3D courthouse model to quickly block out my camera angles for the court scenes. This was a tad silly and unnecessary, but not a waste. I blocked out two other dramatic camera moves, but found them to be gratuitous so I stuck with locked off shots. I went through many different color combos and background art techniques. I hit a wall and took a break to get some perspective. When I came back to the project I was able to nail down the final approach.
Jeff Gensterblum wrote and performed an original beat for the soundtrack and Dan Jaquint recorded it. Mike Jansson did the sound design. We recorded many of the sound effects with various objects in his studio and I recorded some rolling rocks while on a hiking trip. Fallt was finished at the end of August, 2013 and was shown in 20 festivals.

Columbus International Film + Video Festival (USA). Nov 15, 2014
Tacoma Film Festival (USA). Oct 11, 2014
Big Eddy Film Festival (USA). Sep 20, 2014
Encounters Short Film Festival (UK). Sep 17, 2014
Panorama (Australia). Jul 31, 2014
Anima Mundi (Brazil). Jul 28 & 29 and Aug 1 & 8, 2014
Animation Block Party (USA). Jul 27, 2014
Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK). Jun 29, 2014
Melbourne International Animation Festival (Australia). Jun 23, 2014
Brooklyn Film Festival (USA). Jun 1 & 4, 2014
NonStop Barcelona Animació (Spain). May 16, 2014
Golden Kuker-Sofia International Animation Film Festival (Bulgaria). May 15, 2014
Animatricks Festival 2014 (Helsinki, Finland). Apr 26 & 27, 2014
Animation Torrent 2014 (Park Ridge, IL. USA). Apr 17, 2014
Kansas City FilmFest 2014 (USA). Apr 10, 2014
Rincon International Film Festival 2014 (Puerto Rico). Apr 8, 2014
Athens Animfest 2014 (Greece). Mar 16, 2014
Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2014 (USA). Feb 22, 2014
Irvine International Film Festival 2014 (USA). Jan 15, 2014
Atlanta Underground Film Festival 2013 (USA). Oct 18, 2013